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Great Historical Investments

of the

"Peoples Money"


President Franklin D Roosevelt's

Investment of 500 Million

into the

Columbia Basin Project

60 + years of success

that will benefit the US for

Centuries to come!

Nearly Repaid in Full!


President Obama's

"Failed Investment"


535 Million Wasted in 1 year with Zero return on Investment!

President Obama, You need to get rid of your failed advisers!

Obama's Budget Nixes New Money For Program That Funded Solyndra

I see you are becoming very frustrated

President Obama!

If you truly want a Bipartisan Project?

Contact Glen R Stockwell and the Washington State Economic Development Corp, we will deliver a Negotiated Bipartisan Contract to you and the Nation!

With your leadership we can Fast Track the 1st Water Retention Reservoir in within 2 years and a majority of this project in, in 7 years!

I have a total project plan in hand with alternative financing! If you choose not to invest 1 billion of the 1.7 Trillion Dollars currently available for Economic and Jobs creation!

 This is what it will take to succeed

Fast Track Completion Plan"!

1. Executive Order signed by you!

Developing a "Non-Revocable WA Economic Development Trust Account". We wouldn't want Governor Gregoire to have access to these monies and place them in WA State's General Fund!

2. Your willingness to work with all of the WA State Congressional leaders!

2012 WA State Green Team

3. Contract exclusively with my company by signing Executive Order by signing a "Performance Based Contract" to deliver a WA Bipartisan Project to your office!

We are ready and willing to work with you, the future WA Governor and both parties with mutual respect!

Reid: Jobs Are Priority #1 For Democrats

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Reid: Jobs Are Priority #1 For Democrats

Today the Senate Democratic Caucus re-elected their leadership team for the 112th Congress. The caucus chose Nevada Senator Harry Reid to remain as Majority Leader, Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois to ...

   Current WA State Candidates running for WA State Governor!

Gubernatorial Candidate

Jay Inslee (D)

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Jay Inslee for Governor

Jay Inslee is running for governor to build a working Washington. Learn a little more about his vision for Washington's future.

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Jobs Plan

A video about Washington gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee and his jobs plan, entitled Building a New Economy for Washington. You can read the full plan here:

Gubernatorial Candidate

Rob McKenna (R)


A New Direction for Washington State's Public Schools