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I am a Pro Life Advocate

And I have always been one!

I don't support pulling the plug on the old folks, nor do I support killing innocent babies unless they come into this world packing a AK 47, or a hand grenade!

On a more serious answer to abortion, I do support the woman's right if she has actually has been raped, incest or if the baby is really medically dis formed, but Roe v/s Wade is used to much in my opinion for Doctors to make money and is also used too much as a form of birth control.

Pro Choice

It seems to me everyone who is pro choice has been given the ultimate gift of life!

They have been given the

ability to breath, speak, and enjoy life by their parents!

It is a little known reported fact "Millions Democrats don't approve of Abortion or euthanasia"! They feel like they have been included by default, because of the minority! 

As a Nation we need to do more about promoting personal accountability on this issue, before Abortion becomes a issue, in my opinion!

I know many Democrats have great hearts and would run to the Ocean to save a Whale, Dolphin, or a ??. I believe the greater majority of Democrats would like to also save human babies also!

The Democratic Party is basically seen in the National and World News as the party that supports "mass genocide of infants"!

I don't believe the majority of the Democrats I have met, support Mass Genocide of babies!

I have met many Democrats that love kids, and agree with my position as stated above (and I know, I am in trouble now with a small minority of other Democrats)!

I use to be a little league coach for several years, and we have a lot of great kids in the USA!

I believe as Democrat Vice President Joe Biden believes in the same beliefs! But he would probably word it a little differently (politically correct)! It has been said I speak a little bit earthy, whatever that means (common)?