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Washington State Economic Development Corp.

Congressional Bipartisanship

Reid: Jobs Are Priority #1 For Democrats

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Reid: Jobs Are Priority #1 For Democrats

Today the Senate Democratic Caucus re-elected their leadership team for the 112th Congress. The caucus chose Nevada Senator Harry Reid to remain as Majority Leader, Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois to ...

Real Leadership in Motiona

President Obama's future signing of Final Fast Track Completion


The Columbia Basin Project!

May 4th, 2011 Congessional Invitation to Patty to Join and help lead the Bipartisan

Washington State Green Team

May 2011 Article Written by Colin Hastings

Vp Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce

Washington State's Correct Coarse for

Economic Prosperity!

Watch the videos at You Tube (You tube only has 10 min. videos and we had to split it up into 3 segments)

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

    History proves President Franklin D. Roosevelt lead

with authority and for the last 60+ years Washington State and the Nation has repeat the benefit of his leadership!

    It is my belief "Real leaders should lead the herd", they

shouldn't be "quiet followers warming a seat of leadership
just collecting a pay check"!


Senator Murray,

         I would formally request you add to your re-election platform the largest Public Works project undertaken in United States history by President Franklin D. Roosevelt the "Completion of the Columbia Basin Project"!

     Please take this proposal to President Obama an admirer of Franklin's achievements in office, and ask the President to put this project at the top of his "Public Works Renew America Agenda" for Our Nation.

On CNN today it is being reported 34 states can no longer pay unemployment to their citizens!

     No doubt with the current 8.9 + Billion Washington State deficit is running in the General Fund. Washington State will soon be joining this list of states unable to pay unemployment, in the near future!

     The National DNC and the Washington State Democratic Party can join with the President to complete this project.

      It will be seen in the World and the Nation News as the "Party of Roosevelt's" crowning achievement with the leadership of President Obama, Senator Murray's and President Obama's leadership abilities, combined with the Bipartisan effort of the Democratic and Republican parties!

       Please walk across the isle like Senator Cantwell and Senator McCain did to form an alliance to reintroduce the "Glass Steagull" back into our banking system!

    Youtube video of Maria's and John's Bipartisan legislation  

Please reach out and ask Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers to form a bipartisan "Washington State Green Team" made up with Washington State Congressmen and Congresswomen. To jointly and formally approach President Obama with a request to work jointly with him to complete the Columbia Basin Project!

       I believe with your experience, talents and Congressional knowledge you will have the ability to bring this "Job's production project and Economic Development Project to Washington State!

    Thank you for your many years of service to "Our State and Our Country"!

Respectfully Submitted,   

Glen R. Stockwell

President of Washington State Economic Development Co.

Proud Member of;

Washington Coalition for open Government

Renew America Organizing for America Attachments;

Washington State Hero Franklin D. Roosevelt

Legislation I introduced in Olympia

Bill Req. # H-2196.1/09

Campaign Brochure 

Senator Murray please be the Leader Washington State needs today during our unemployment (450,000Washingtonians unempolyed) and economic crisis (our next Bienium deficit estimated to be between 5 and 9 Billion dollars) in the Red!

      The "Columbia Basin Project", was the answer for Washington during the last Great Depression and it is the only hope for Washington State's current crisis today!

Please call me, I have a "real plan to cure these problems", and it will work again for Washington and Our Nation!!!!!

    With President Obama's and Your Leadership this project will cure Washington's Buget problems, and it can be put in without any new Taxes!

       Please help bury the Partisan Politics for Washington's benefit call Cathy, Doc, Dave, and Maria, Jay, Adam, Rick, Brian, Norm, Jim, and help form


Washington State's

"Green Team"!

     "Uniting both parties to do the right thing for Our State and/or Our Country"!


Residents of Washington are represented in Congress by 2 Senators and 9 Representatives.

A window of opportunity in Washington's History for Project Completion!

If these Representative Can't do it who else could?


Leadership needs to come from the top, it is much faster!