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Washington State's Correct Coarse for

Economic Prosperity!

Washington State Economic Development Corp.

Congressional Bipartisanship

Given 7/10/2010 @ the Adams County Farm Bureau BQ

Formal Citizen's Request to Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers


Well the campaign season is here! I would like to ask you to be the leader of Washington State to walk across the political isle and ask the other 10 Washington State Legislators to form a "Washington State Green Team"!

Use the leadership example

and skills of Senators John McCain and Maria Cantwell and ask President Obama to put

this project at the top of his

public works agenda for

"Fast track Completion" of the

Columbia Basin Project!

Youtube video of Maria's and John's Bipartisan legislation 

  As I discussed with you in

March of 2009 at your weekly

coffee meeting! 

And as I wanted to at your

weekly coffee in November of

2009 when you were late coming in from your Spokane public meeting. Where you reported over 800 citizens came to meet with you about the need for new jobs in Spokane and

OUR State! 

    Your statement was you could

see the fear in there eyes!       

I don't know if you have helped anyone find any new jobs yet?

    But, I do remember saying I

would like to help you bring this project to fruition, and it was a

honest offer

    I don't remember receiving a

phone call from you or a email

offering to work with me on this project from your office, saying

"lets get together on your proposal Glen", and put these "Washington Citizens" back to


But I know you have been really busy!

     As I mentioned to you during

our March meeting, I thought

both of us could play an

important role in bringing this

project to Washington, and I still


     I had also mentioned to you at

the March meeting, "I believed

there were too many followers

setting in the seats where "real

leaders" should be, who were

there to create a job for thier-

selves and stroke their own egos instead of serving their constituents needs", in my opinion.

 For the record I voted for you

to help put you into your current office.  

I have found you to be a very

honest person on many issues,

and we think alike on many


     But it is my opinion you could

use a few lessons in bringing projects like this one to the

    National Stage for completion,

and I would still like to offer help

you and

OUR State on that goal!

    As you can see below Cathy, I

have asked Senator Patty Murray, Senator Cantwell, and

Congressman Inslee to reach

across the isle and invite you to

help form a

"Washington State Green Team",

to work on a "bipartisan effort" to help the unemployed of

Washington State!

     I believe you understand

President Obama is making a

effort in rebuilding America, and

he has a great admiration for

President Franklin D Roosevelt's achievements! 

    It is with this understanding

(the President was looking for

new Public Works Projects), 

    I traveled nearly 6,000 miles to deliver my project to him in

March of 2009 at the bequest of

the 1st Lady.  

    I was at Ex-Governor

Gary Locke's confirmation

hearing for Secretary of

Commerce, and I requested he

deliver my proposal to President Obama, and he assured me

(in camera) he would deliver it to

the President for me!

     Cathy, I know President

Obama has received my request because I have hand delivered it

to David Plouffe's office on K

Street in DC.

    Please act as the "Real Leader" for the 450,000 unemployed Washingtonian's!

     Walk across the isle and extend your red hand to the other 8 Washington State Democratic leaders and between all 11 Washington Representatives form the "Washington State Green Team"

So today June 10th, 2010.

        I want to publicly ask you would you to be the "Real Leader" Washington State desperately needs to bring new employment and Economic Development, and the need to Balance the coming 5 Billion Dollar projected deficit in Washington's up coming bi- enium?

Will you lead the effort to HELP form a Bipartisan team and

Bring this Project to Washington State?

    Completion of this Project is a Guaranteed National Winner!!!


Glen R. Stockwell

The Washington State Democratic Party

The People's Party of Roosevelt;

"Great New Ideas" & "ACTION"!

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rogers has a lot of fine

qualities, but in my opinion she needs to start becoming

more "Pro-active and Vocal" like a real Congressional

leader, promoting the completion of the "Columbia Basin


      Cross the isle and join with the other Washington State

Congressmen & Congresswomen to form the Green Team"!

         Cathy has been and is currently a "quiet supporter of

the project"! She should understand the important role

Agriculture plays in National and World Markets. She

realizes the economic benefit this project would play in

rebuilding America and employing thousands of people in

years to come! She just needs to start acting like a leader!

       Watch the videos at You Tube (You tube only has 10 min. videos and we had to split it up into 3 segments)

Part One:

You need Flash Player in order to view this.

Columbia Basin Project part 1

Regional land reclamation

Part Two:

You need Flash Player in order to view this.

Columbia Basin Project part 2

Roosevelt's Largest Public Works Project



You need Flash Player in order to view this.

Columbia Basin Project part 3

Roosevelt's Largest Public Works Project

    History proves President Franklin D. Roosevelt lead

with authority and for the last 60+ years Washington State and the Nation has repeat the benefit of his leadership!