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A special message from:

Climategate Spin-Doctor Sclientists Under Investigation The Scientific Community Must Apologize for Lying About Global Warming!

I never thought I would utter these words - THANK YOU HACKERS!

Your tax dollars are funding "government research" for "climate change." That so-called "research" has been proven to be manipulated and falsified in order to squash facts and ban authentic research that refutes many of the "climate change" claims made by numerous government appointed sclientists and institutions. There is little to no evidence that "climate change" even exists. It is outrageous that our tax dollars are being spent researching a "science" that considers lies its primary proof.

Leading Climategate scientific spin-doctors have so far had to take little to no responsibility for their actions. Dr. Phil Jones of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit has stepped aside but not been let go. Jones admitted to "having trouble keeping research records" and later admitted he knew "climate change" was a farce. Dr. Michael Mann of Penn State is currently under investigation by his university. Mann fabricated climate change data and urged other researchers to delete possibly incriminating emails. Keep in mind these two men still have their jobs.

Making fraudulent scientific claims violates the primary ethics of the scientific community and taxpayer-funded research. But most importantly, these acts are possible research tempering and CIVIL AND FEDERAL CRIMINAL VIOLATIONS. Those responsible must be held accountable. They lied and altered data to indoctrinate America into believing in a false science. The men and women responsible for Climategate must be given the same consequences every other American citizen would face if they were in question of possibly committing civil and or federal crimes.

No one should be held above the law: especially those involved in Climategate:


Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) is urging the Obama Administration to investigate Climategate and the confessions made by editors of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fourth Assessment Report. The ICPP claimed in 2007 that the glaciers in the Himalayas are melting faster than any other glacial mass. This claim was made with no scientific study; instead it included a reference to an article written by The World Wildlife Federation, an organization that fervently supports and promotes the false science of "climate change." To make matters worse, the math they used to calculate the melting of the glaciers in the Himalayas was incorrect. In essence the IPCC used faulty mathematical equations to come up with their fake conclusion and did not even bother to do something the rest of the scientific community is quite familiar with, a scientific study.


All Senator Inhofe wants is simple: an investigation into why and how those entangled in Climategate were allowed to fabricate research and if their false claims warrant civil and criminal penalties. So far, the Democrats have blocked all efforts from Senator Inhofe to investigate "climate change." It is disturbing that Senator Inhofe's pursuit of truth and just consequences is being blatantly ignored and disregarded by the Left.

For years sclientists that were Global Warming Skeptics were ridiculed, laughed at, scoffed at and smeared in the media and scientific community. How dare someone label Global Warming as anything but scientific fact? Of course anyone who questions Global Warming must be an Earth-Hater.

Turns out...They were right to be skeptical. Truth is they were not skeptical enough. The skeptics questioned the science - they should have also questioned the sclientists.

The scientific community has been profiting from huge grants and growing political power by propagating the fear of human extinction because of the global warming myth.

The time is now, the decision is yours- please consider the facts and follow your conscience.


Ron Arnold

Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise

P.S. sclientists are acting like politicians, therefore we need to treat them like politicians. They need to feel the WRATH of the Grassroots.

Sclientists need be held accountable...but the media loves the Global Warming lie, and this Administration can't wait to sell our country to the World Government. Direct Grassroots pressure is the ONLY way to hold the sclientists accountable.

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