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Columbia Basin Project Completion Plan

Washington State Economic Development Corp.

Congressional Bipartisanship

Copy of Glen's 2009

Legislative District 9

Campaign Message Plan to the Voters


Glen's 2009 Legislative Run Campaign interview

August 17, 2010

To: President Obama

From: Glen R. Stockwell

RE: A Washington State Project YOU can control completely!

Mr. President,

I know you have 50 States to think about, plus a multitude of other National and World issues.            I can offer you a real solution to resolve WashingtonState’s current unemployment (450,000) and Billion Dollar budget deficit problems, without needing any Stimulus monies or Any New Taxes!

I received a letter from the first Lady in January 2009 asking for citizens to bring proposals to you. I made two trips in 2009 to Washington DC trying to accomplish Michelle’s request. I have delivered my proposal and video to Senator Murray, Cantwell, Congressman Inslee, Gary Locke, David Plouffe, Mitch Stewart and others!

I believe you are probably “the only man on earth today” that can accomplish the task of Completing President Roosevelt’s largest public works project the “Columbia Basin Project”          with a “Fast Track” approach!

I am asking Senator Murray today to become the team leader of my vision “Washington State’s Green Team” to work with you, Vice President Biden, David Plouffe and your department heads! I was at Patty’s Legacy dinner in Spokane, and I viewed Patty’s tears after she viewed the movie which covered her life’s political accomplishments, and accolades from Patty’s supporters! Completion of this project will be the gem in her crown!

I firmly believe Patty is in the political fight of her career to keep her seat! I also believe she may be loosing her seat! You could be very decisive in ensuring her re-election by placing her in charge as Team Leader on this 2 LargestWashingtonState’s Construction Project in 60 + years! By placing this project at the top of your National Public Works Projects agenda!

Mr. President, you have a historical opportunityto take charge help Patty, and complete “Franklin’s largest project”! We can have major portions of this project completed in a very short timeframe, by using your Executive Order privileges!

Your friend Oprah has said “destiny opens doors sometimes for all of us and we need to be willing to walk through and meet our destinies”! If you would allow me to help you, I am ready to meet my destiny by assisting you with this project! I can show you how to pay for this without any new taxes, and it will not require stimulus monies either!

This project has volumes of videos, and songs David can use for your re-election campaign! With your political leadership abilities and completion of this project, will ensure your seat in history of the “Final Completion of the Columbia Basin Project”!

Respectfully Submitted,

Glen R. Stockwell        509-540-6899 Cell

Web Address

August 17, 2010

To:     Senator Patty Murray

From:     Glen R. Stockwell

Re:     Personal request to work with you and form a Washington State Green Team!


I have decided to travel to Seattle today to try my best in persuading You and President Obama to work together for “Fast Track Final Completion” of phase two of the Columbia Basin Project!

I have lived in Ritzville (5 and 9 districts) for 33 years. You and I were both born in 1950, and we have both watched Washington grow into the State it is today. We are from a generation that can actually say we have viewed open smog free skies in Seattle, Spokane, Yakima, and the rest of Washington.

You and I were raised by two previous generations (Parents & Grandparents), who had to endure hardships unknown to “Our Generation”! Those two generations not only endured without complaining, they built and handed down “great man made accomplishments”!

Washington State is a National Example of the Strength and determination of those two generations to pass down to their children and generations to come a better quality of life!

But strength and determination means nothing without quality leadership, and Washington State is a National Example of President Franklin D Roosevelt’s wonderful success of the “New Deal for America”!

I was in Spokane earlier this year at your Legacy Banquet, and I saw a few tears in your eyes after you viewed the wonderful movie covering your life’s political accomplishments and viewed the many supporters in the room (Congratulations on a life of giving)!

I know you like to tell stories because, I have followed your career, and I have listened to several you have given!

So here is my story to you (you don’t need to tell anyone Patty).

I was born into a wonderful family! I was given every opportunity able to be given by my Mom and Dad and Grandparents! Being raised in the 50’s was a great timeframe because the Nation as a whole was being reborn from the ashes of the Great Depression, and World War 11! The Nation as a whole believed “we could accomplish anything” because we were a “Nation of WINNERS”, and the greatest Nation on Earth! My Dad was a Marine and always raised me to believe in myself and to believe I could accomplish anything, if I would put my mind to it!

Gary Locke and I are both Eagle Scouts and we were taught about public service and our personal responsibilities of Civic duty (possibly you were a Brownie or a Girl Scout also?)! My parents use to take us on trips all over Washington on the weekends and on one trip in 1958 we went to Grand Coulee Dam! Wow at 8 it was a giant, and it validated everything my Mom and Dad spoke about America! During the trip I remember looking down at a giant crane and on top of it said RA Hanson Co..

Latter on in my life (1986 – 1991) I was in business with Raymond Hanson, and I always felt it was fate! Raymond Hanson was the extreme example of a “Common Man” who was taught he could accomplish anything as long as he put his mind to it! Raymond developed canal projects all over the world, and also in WashingtonState!

I came to Ritzville in 1977. I always have felt, I was brought here in some ways by “God Almighty” to help the community (it’s been a mental burden at times)! I have served on the Ritzville City Council, and I chaired the local Ritzville Area EDC. It’s not quite the same as the Senate, but one gets to feel proud of trying to help others).

My political career resembles in large part President Lincoln’s political life! I have run for several offices but I have always fallen short of being elected like he did (when I make it, I will stay out of theaters), but “I am ready to Win the War”! I think Noah was saying the same thing while building the Ark, while he was waiting for the rain, and everyone was mocking him about building the Ark! I am not a quitter, but over the years, I have looked up into the heaven’s and asked God Almighty “are you sure you want me to help”?

So to end this story 26 years after I started this “God Given Quest”, this is the vision I believe is in front of us!

1. I voted for Christine Gregoire (but I am a little upset with her to be honest) , and I wrote a letter to Keith Phillips in 2007 explaining to him I thought the National DNC would work with her on a National project to finish Roosevelt’s Columbia Basin Project! You can view the letter on my web at (Blue tab Advice to Keith Phillips). Christine’s vision is too small (Gary’s vision was the correct vision for Washington and the Nation) and she is taking too much time to accomplish the needed final goal, in my opinion.

2. I honestly voted for President Obama also! Hoping for America to take a

new course for “Renewing the Country I love”! I am a card carrying

Roosevelt Democrat!

3. I regretfully believe you may be loosing your seat this year! I was going to

run against Cathy McMorris Rodgers, but I couldn’t get a endorsement

from Dwight and the Democratic Party! You and I last met at your coffee in

Nov. 2009 when the Indian Tribes had their meeting with you and the

President! You asked me what tribe I represented and I told you the “All

American Tribe”!

4. You and the President could accomplish finishing Franklin’s Project, if you

would consider taking “My Fast Track Approach”! I have lived here for

many years and I understand how to accomplish a much larger project with

less money, in a much faster timeframe!

5. The President needs to firmly place his hand of leadership on this project

and use his Executive powers like Roosevelt (justify it due to the 450,000

unemployed and Washington’s Billion Dollar Deficit)! This project will cure Washington’s financial and employment problems for decades!

6. My Dad read a lot and he always taught me he believed in “Windows of

Historical Opportunity” would open up when great accomplishment could be

attained! I believe a huge window is open now for President Obama, You ,

WashingtonState, and the Nation!

My Dad was in the 3 C’s like Barack’s Grandpa and he was very proud of

his service. I have asked President Floyd of WSU in April to approach the

President with a proposal to initiate the President’s dream of “Civic service

for College Tuition” on this project.

7. President Obama is always hammered on this one issue “Partisanship”!

He won’t reach across the isle! By forming the “Washington State Green

Team”, the President will be able to rebut that issue! WashingtonState

Democratic Congressional Party leaders along with the Governor and the

State’s Democratic Party could set the stage! Patty if you would agree to

become Team Leader, the President would feel comfortable “knowing he

could trust you”!

I realize at 60, (I have gained just a little bit of wisdom). I believe my contribution to “My State and My Country”. Is the ability to point out to “Two National Leaders” a very achievable project they both could accomplish! If they would work to that end, and change the overall size of the project plan?

Patty, Roosevelt was right when he began the project, and You and President Obama can take great comfort in completing Franklin’s vision!

The President will go down in the history books as did Roosevelt “A Real Visionary Leader” with the ability to take charge and complete what he puts his hand too, to benefit America!

If, you would be kind enough to allow this old man to help you? I know, I can show you how to complete it without using Stimulus Monies or without using any New Taxes! I will work very hard to ensure the success of the final project!

I believe the Washington State Democratic Party can demonstrate to the Nation and the World “the Party of Roosevelt is alive and generating new Projects in 2010” revived by a new Leader President Barack Obama!

Respectfully Submitted,

Glen R. Stockwell

509-540-6899 cell

[email protected]


Would Patty be willing to become "Washington State's Green Team Leader", and would she allow me to work with her side by side on this "Fast Track Project"?

I am fully qualified to work in a "Fast Track Method" to you succeed, and I know how to fund it without stimulus monies, or any new taxes!

This Project Completion will resolve Washington 3 major state problems;

  1. Employing thousands with long term quality jobs!
  2. Balancing the Billion dollar State Deficit!
  3. Long Term solution for WashingtonState’s citizens!


Thank you so much for your quick and professional response!

I firmly believe Patty is going to be in the closest race of her political career, and regrettably I believe she is going to loose her seat in the Senate.

I am kind of a odd political person, because I am running on the Republican ticket (only Republican's have won in the 9th and 5th Districts for many years / Congressman Tom Foley being the last Democrat), but I am also a card carrying Roosevelt Democrat! I would like to win to help WashingtonState solve the unemployment and Billion dollar deficit problem!

If you and Patty would go to my web at you will see I have taken my proposal all the way to David Plouffe's office and also Mitch Stewart, and also President Obama (via Sec. Gary Locke in camera).

Today's request is simple and it can be controlled by President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Patty and the Washington State's 8 Democratic leaders and 3 Republican Congressional Representatives!

President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Patty could decisively decide to place President Roosevelt's Columbia Basin Project at the top of President Obama's Public works completion projects! This project can be placed into a "Shovel Ready Project" very soon by my methodology (within 1 year)! If anyone says it can't happen contact me and I will show you how to meet this target!

President Obama can be as decisive as Franklin due to Washington's Billion Dollar deficit, and the 450,000 Washingtonian's out of work! By signing an Executive Order for final "Fast Track Completion of the Project"!

My TV interview of 2009 when I ran for the 9th and lost in the Primary by 300 votes!  

The only man currently on earth with the power

to bring this Project to it's final completion!

President Obama Signing future Executive Order

for final "Fast Track" completion of the

ColumbiaBasin Project!

American Leader!?

This project will give President Obama the National Project he can use to show he is willingto work in a Bipartisanship

Effort with bothparties to bring a quality Economic Development Project to "Our State & Nation"!

This project has been a financial success for over 60 years, and you and President Obama can count on its future success!

David Plouffe and Mitch can have this project up and ready 2 years before the 2012 election cycle for President Obama! This project will be the winning project for President Obama's re-election strategy, in my opinion!

The total re-election video package already exist!