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April 8th, 2014 Bipartisan Offer

to Governor Inslee!

For the written record, the reason Clint Didier didn't sign this Declaration is he had given his word "He wouldn't vote for anything that would increase our taxes by $1.00".

Clint had given his word to the voters of the 4th District, the Nation and to the Liberty Caucus!

Clint is an honorable man, in my opinion! Clint totally supports the completion of the Columbia Basin, Snake River & Yakima Projects!

I have asked Clint to reach out to the Liberty Caucus for their endorsement

of these projects, for their

2016 Presidential Election Platform!

I have known for many years how to fund these projects!



With This Greatest Proven National Investment in

69 Years!

 It's time to help these

Veterans, they helped US!

A Patriot Sings!

What a tremendous Tribute

to Our Troops and Our Fallen Heros!

They deserve better rewards

after returning Home to America!

Patty sent my proposal to Obama & VP Biden in May 2010 and she supports

"Fast Track Completion" of President

Franklin Roosevelt's

Columbia Basin Project! 

Maria is from Indianapolis IN. Maria didn't know about this project until March of 2009, when I brought it up at her coffee get together in her office!

Taken to Cathy March and November 2009 asking Cathy to take "My Project Proposal" to the Republican Leadership!

I haven't met Jim Yet but he seems to be a very nice person and he has spent years trying to help America from my research. I believe he will support Patty and the other WA Congressional Team on "My Project Proposal"!

I took my proposal to Adam's Office Manager Shana & Kelsey in March of 2009 they jointly believe Adam would fully support

"My Project Proposal"!

I haven't met Dave yet but I know he and Adam have worked on Bipartisan Projects to help our State and I firmly believe they will work together on

"My Project Proposal"!