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1/01/ 2012

To: Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers

From: Glen R Stockwell, Citizen and Voter of the 5th District

              President of the Washington State Economic Development Corp. NP

RE: My 2012 citizen’s request to you, to contact the other Washington State congressional leaders and request they join with you to form a bipartisan group called “The Washington State Green Team”. I am also requesting that you co-endorse a bipartisan contract for “Final Fast Track Phased Completion of the Columbia Basin Project” and take the contract to President Obama, requesting he sign an Executive Order for completion of President Franklin D Roosevelt’s Project.

President Elect Obama in 2007 ran with the on word "Change"!

 The five words I will be using will be;

"Reunite America" with "Bipartisanship Projects"!

2009 Delivering My Proposal to Cathy

Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers / Cathy,

     I have been waiting nearly 2 years for you to contact me about my project proposal. I must be honest with you; I have been wondering “Why hasn’t Cathy called me”? I don’t know!

     I have always been taught not to be too critical of another person and to try and understand their path through life (Cathy’s). It is for that reason my wife (Deanie) and I took a trip from Ritzville to Kettle Falls this weekend (I have been there before) and drove around town, by your schools and also by your family home and farm the “Peachcrest Fruit Basket Orchard and Fruit Stand”. You and I both know Kettle Falls and Washington State are beautiful and I can see why you are very proud of your family and the small family farm you grew up on. 

      For those thousands of citizens who can’t drive by across the nation who are viewing my web. Kettle Falls, Washington and also So. Peachcrest Rd., are a “Norman Rockwell type Community”. Kettle Falls is a very quiet, safe, neighborly neighbors and beautiful location setting next to Lake Roosevelt (the Columbia River).

       I also grew up in a small country community of Ahtanum near Yakima Washington and it had during the 1950’s about 400 citizens. It also was a “Norman Rockwell Community” and my parents gave me a lifetime gift of being raised in the country and also the additional gift of being great parents probably like your parents were Cathy.  

         I also see on your biography, you like to study history and I have also have studied history for many years. I also noticed during our drive through town, Kettle Falls has a “North Hill 210” Masonic Lodge.

         History teaches Americans, we wouldn’t have a country called “the United States of America” unless Masons like George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and countless others rose up to defeat the Monarchy of England! The Masons are the cornerstone of our country, and they had “to walk through fire” to give us the gift we have today. Sometimes we can only count on one hand the number of friends we have, which “we can see eye to eye with” while walking through life. It is my understanding there is proud and honorable Masons in both the Republican and Democratic parties today. I believe the Masons of today have been wrongly accused of helping the “One World Order Group” in defeating our Country! Because a Mason by the name of Kirk Danekas stated to me one day “Glen, they (US Citizens) think we (the Masons) are helping to over throw our nation”!

    My Grandfather was a proud American and he was also proud to be a Mason and I know he was a “Good Man”! I have no doubt people are trying to overthrow our nation and we have had and currently have traitors in both parties who are members of those shadow groups! I hope and pray the Masons will once again come to the defense of the country, their forefathers helped create years ago! Most Democrats and Republicans are not the enemy of the United States, most are all true Americans!

    Only a few traitors have been planted and they are in senior positions in both parties, and we need to throw them in “Getmo with the rest of the terrorist” no matter who they are, in my opinion!

      It would seem to be a basic and sound belief, by most voters, that Washington State Congressional Representatives were sent to Washington DC to serve the needs of their constituents in Washington State. It would also seem to be common sense all Congressional leaders, from both sides of the aisle, should join together on aiding and assisting Washington State economic development projects that will benefit Washington for decades and centuries.

     I realize there are politically correct procedures for voters to follow when requesting their congressional leader to act upon a request. I have been waiting for you to respond to my requests, the first in March 2009, November 2009, July 2010 (at the Adams County Farm Bureau Bar BQ when I gave my Project Proposal to Mike Poulson) and again when I traveled to DC in August 2011. At my last meeting with Mr. Murphy in your office in August of 2011; he spoke about how you and your office personnel have been on my web at and what did I want to talk with about? He is young newly engaged and still learning. He smiled so I knew it was a tongue in cheek question (probably the Irish coming out). I specifically asked Mr. Murphy would your office work with other Democrat Congressional leaders from Washington State and he said "I think we would"!

     I was in Congress the night the Health Bill passed along with a few other citizens from Washington State. When you took the podium and spoke before Congress, I listened very closely to what you spoke about and it is part of the Congressional record. Part of your discussion was “I have just returned from Spokane Washington and I attended a Public Meeting of about 800 concerned citizens / voters” and “I could see the fear in their eyes”! They are worried about their futures. You said "they need jobs and they don’t need to be burdened with the additional financial burden of this health bill"!

    Cathy, I could see the compassion and empathy in your speech, when you spoke about the “fear in their eyes”. The voters and the unemployed need long term employment and “real answers to their needs” instead of empathy and compassion. You’re a mother also and when these other mothers need to feed their children they need food, clothing, and a dependable roof over their heads and a dependable job instead of a pat on the back and an “I understand what you are going through comment”. Speaker of the House John Boehner has over 500,000 unemployed citizens in Ohio! What is his answer to employ those citizens and the 12 + million unemployed US citizens?

Snip it’s from your Long Biography;

Member of Congress

In 2004, Cathy was elected to the U.S. House. During her first term, she served as the Freshman Class representative on the Steering Committee and on the Republican Whip Team.

During her second term, Cathy continued her commitment to working across party lines. She joined with Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) to introduce health IT legislation and led a statewide health IT task force to position Washington State for future health IT advancements. She also served as Co-Chair of the bipartisan Congressional Women's Caucus with Representative Lois Capps (D-CA).

During her third term (2009-2010), Cathy became a strong voice against the President’s spend, borrow, and bailout policies. She voted against the $700 billion Wall Street bailout, the $787 billion economic “stimulus” bill, and the $2.3 trillion health care bill. She championed a balanced budget amendment, a constitutional amendment to limit federal spending, and repealing the government takeover of health care and replacing it with practical solutions that actually lower medical costs and improve outcomes.

As she begins her fourth term, Cathy continues to fight for lower taxes to create jobs; bipartisan solutions to improve our schools; good stewardship of our farms and forests; and honoring America’s military and veterans. As a member of E&C, she is encouraging the use of American resources, including hydropower, and expanded use of alternative energies, to help us become energy independent.

        Cathy, you have had plenty of time to come up with a real solution instead of empty Words and even local Republicans are making the same comments! In March 2009 when we met in your office, I told you “I believe many of our country’s leaders have risen to the seats of leadership and they are actually followers setting in the seats of leaders with no idea of how to solve the Nations problems”! 

    Use your National Republican position to bring this project to
Washington. Lead or step down for the future well being of state and the unemployed! 

Get the Money Cathy and bring this Project to Washington State!

     I have offered to help you with my project proposal! The citizens and voters of the 5th District have been investing their money in you since 2004. In business there is a term “Return on Investment.” I believe it is time for Washington voters to get a "Return on their Investment in you." They have been waiting long enough for you to lead, in my opinion!

    Cathy, are you going to get started or do you need to be replaced with someone else who really is a leader? I believe you are a nice person with some very good qualities, but it is time for a real plan that works! What is your plan Cathy? I am not trying to beat you up, but I am trying to spur you into doing the right thing for Washington State and the Nation!

     Roosevelt was a real leader who came to the seat of power during the “Great Depression” when there were over 5,000 banks failing. Currently we are at approx. 289 national failures, 3 in the 5 district! Investment bankers on Wall Street were jumping out of windows; citizens were on soup lines, with “real answers”, home, business and farm foreclosures! Washington State is a testimony to one of Franklin’s visions and history proves he was right! If Franklin hadn’t created the “Volunteer Social Security System”, today we would have had 44 million more citizens unemployed (who paid yearly into the Social Security System for many years) who are currently on Social Security across our nation looking for jobs instead of 12 million!

      Social Security is NOT an Entitlement! Social Security is a savings account for citizens when they become elderly! It was supose to be in a "Locked Box Trust Fund" and wasn't to be used on wars and etc. until Lyndon B Johnson opened it up and it hasn't been closed since Nam!

The failure of the Social Security System have been past Presidents,Congress and traitors in both parties!

     I see you standing with the other Republican Leaders in the national news and the Washington State Republican Party believe you are in a position of leadership to resolve Washington’s current and future economic problems. Cathy, what is your answer? Glen’s answer has always been a proven state and national winner! It is time to complete President Franklin D Roosevelt’s “Entire Columbia Basin Project” and we can do it without any new taxesand employ thousands!

Washington State is a great National Investment and this project has a 60+ year success! Roosevelt was right then and I am right now! I am offering today to help you again with my plan!

Cathy, remember when you sold apples at your small family farm? You’re in a position of leadership today to take this project to Speaker of the House John Boehner and the other house members and sell both parties on “this is the project we should invest the people’s money in”! Cathy, I have offered to help you and the other Washington State Representatives the future " Washington State Green Team”!

       I have researched all of the Washington State Representatives while I have been waiting for your return phone call! I can tell you Washington State is blessed with good people on both sides of the aisle and there are no traitors among them (I have met most of them personally)!

      Cathy, projects are about two things “Power and Money” or “Money and Power”! Now for the 2nd time in Washington State’s history we have both before us at the same time! The real question is will the Washington State leaders act as one body or keep arguing?

1st requirement to a Successful Project is Money!

In December 2011 a Jobs Bill was passed (Cathy, I am sure you helped with it) and nearly a Trillion Dollars is due to be spent on projects across our country. Washington State currently has 11 Congressional leaders and all of you are charged with coming up with real answers to our State’s unemployment, depressed economic markets and Billion dollar state deficit.

Nearly a Trillion Dollars for New Investments!

2nd Alternative Funding Method is Money!

The Gates Foundation

     As you know on June 15, 2011 I asked the Gates Foundation to consider becoming a financial partner in the completion of the Columbia Basin Project!  

In the Forbes Magazine Special Edition dated October 11, 2011.

Mr. Buffett said "If you're succeeding all the time in philanthropy, your projects are too easy. Look for things that are more important and where you may fail".

3rd Alternative Funding Method is Money!

  Glen’s proposal to Mark Schoesler 1999 – 2009, Governor Locke, and Governor Gregoire 2005 – Still offered never given!

   I asked Governor Gregoire to use her legal abilities to develop a Non-Revocable Trust Account and sign a Performance Based Consultant’s contract and I would direct her to the money! Governor Gregoire said in 2005 and again in 2009 she had retired from the legal profession!

    I didn’t want the targeted money to go into the Multi-Billion Dollar General Fund Deficit. I guess like the 5 Billion Dollar State Tobacco Settlement was thrown away into the Black hole (most Washingtonian’s still don’t know where the 5 Billion went) instead of being correctly invested into this project!

At least Christine did something correct when she and others put the Weber Siphon in, but it took 6 years instead of 2 years!